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Do you have a set of positive affirmations you say daily? How are they impacting the way your approach moments in your day?

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Kevin Bennett
"Using Muscle testing, we can literally gain access to our body's internal computer system and find out where the imbalances are". -Dr Bradley Nelson. based upon the book called "the Emotion Code".

affirmations are good, but still when I muscle test people/clients . The affirmation still says that the subconscious or you do not believe them. clearing out the trapped emotions removes the past blocks so you truly know that you believe them. Such as Natsha loved Natasha or I do my best and my nest is good enough, or I forgive natasha or I forgive others. All those blocks set up unwanted blocks/patterns. read the book called the emotion code by Dr Bradley Nelson.

Dr. Alisa Cooper
As a Wellness Coach, I can help you make small, sustainable changes that yield big physical and emotional rewards.

I have employed positive affirmations in my daily life since discovering Louise Hay when I was in high school. Her groundbreaking book, You Can Heal Your Life, taught me to love and accept myself, and I enjoyed the beautiful affirmations she ended each chapter with. I still go back and read those, but for every day purposes, I like my affirmations short, easy to remember, and easy to recite throughout the day. From the very simple "This too shall pass" to, "I am calm, confident and creative," I tailor my affirmations to fit what is going on in my world at the time. HOWEVER, if ever you create an affirmation and you suddenly hear a voice in your head saying, "yeah, but..." as in "Yeah, but I am not disciplined enough" or "I am not savvy enough" or "I am not lucky enough," you have to deal with those ANTs- the Automatic Negative Thoughts that butt up against your affirmations. To do that, I find EFT tapping works best.
Here are a couple of affirmations for today: "I can choose my thoughts" and "I choose only positive thoughts today." I think you will find affirmations will help keep you on track and help you manifest what you are trying to achieve. Best of luck!

Kevin Bennett
"Using Muscle testing, we can literally gain access to our body's internal computer system and find out where the imbalances are". -Dr Bradley Nelson. based upon the book called "the Emotion Code".

I muscle test the affirmations and if they are neg, I release the trapped emotion that it causing the underlying neg belief and release it.

Susan Petang
Certified Dating Coach

Yes, positive affirmations are useful. However, if our self esteem isn't what it should be, our subconscious mind can sabotage us - it doesn't believe the affirmation, and can cause us to have the exact opposite response to the affirmation.

The way to correct this is to create situations in which you show the behavior you're trying to develop, and make your affirmation about that win! For example, if you want to learn to be kind, hold doors open for others or smile at strangers. Now you have a real life example: "I AM a kind person! Look what I did!"

Break your goals down into bite-sized units, and every time you achieve one of the steps towards that goal, pat yourself on the back and create an affirmation. "I AM successful! I just answered six help wanted posts! I'm proud of the progress I'm making!"

There is a deep longing in us for greater fulfillment, aliveness, authenticity, and love. Your deepest healing begins today.


Affirmations are a beautiful way to begin re-orienting your mindset from one of struggle and negativity to one of self-love and positivity. I've used them for sure, and did for a long time in the earlier years of my self-study.

However, eventually I found that a deeper joy and peace developed as I focused inward and learned to identify and remove the blocks I had (have) to love's presence, rather than to ignore them and try to affirm them and my perceived limits away.

My own practice has deepened profoundly not by affirmation, but by deep presence and acceptance of whatever is coming up from within me - or to what's triggered in me by what seems to be going on outside of me.

Lynn McWilliams
Everyone grieves about something. Learn to see your grief from a different point of view.

I use my 'I AM' and it makes a positive difference. I say, I AM Happy, I AM Healthy, I AM Loved. Or I AM Strong, I AM Calm, etc. These simple things said out loud to yourself direct your body to seek those responses and help you manifest what you need in your life. It's simple and it works.

Linda Szetoo
You are free to choose your journey. No one can make or take away your choices.

You are free to make your own choices.
You, are the only one, change the way you think, feel and act.
There is no right or wrong, good or bad... on different paths.
Without love there is no hate, without pain there is no good feelings.

Marie Desroches
My passion is to assist you in recognizing, uncovering, embracing and evolving your natural gifts.

Using the same affirmation daily won't really work that well. Affirmations work when they come from the heart. It is best if you write your own. Get into feeling what you want and speak your truth about what you want. Change it up because once we "memorize it or it becomes routine" then the words are coming from your mind and manifestation comes from our heart. Hope that helps.

Nathan Walz

I am a big believer in affirmations however they must be done correctly.

The key to making affirmations effective is the combination of the affirmation and feeling what that feels like. Saying the affirmation without the feeling rarely works.

For example, if you say the affirmation, I am confident, and you don't feel confident, it's not going to work. You want to say the affirmation and generate the feeling of confidence in your body.

To do this, think of a time you accomplished something that you're proud of and feel what that felt like. Feel the confidence you had in your accomplishment and now say, I AM confident and spend some time in this positive feeling.

For me personally, when I am not in a positive state of being, I use this practice to change my state to one that serves me. I use affirmations as part of my morning routine to guarantee a great start to my day and use throughout my day as needed.

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