Does anyone have any recommendations for a hernia cure? -

Does anyone have any recommendations for a hernia cure?

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Christian A. Gonzalez LMT

Warm baths and soaks can sometimes relax the area enough to allow the tissue to go back to it's original positioning. if you could learn to relax the area the organ is pushing through you may stand a chance of accomplishing something yourself. afterwards i'd recommend strength training to support the weak tissue so in the future it doesn't happen again.

Carolina Gutierrez
I approach each patient as a whole person, always listen to their particular necessities, pain, and complaints. The first visit with each patient includes a detailed, thoroughly evaluation.

If you are not in an emergency I would recommend you to get some Myofascial release treatments (The John F Barnes approach) it will release soft tissue restriction in your body that can prevent the hernia to worsen or get strangulated.

Danielle Camastra

Hi. It depends on the type and location of the hernia. However, for the most part you can't "cure" a hernia aside from surgery. But you can avoid it from worsening. Typically when referring to a "Hernia" (as least in the surgical sense), it's inferring there's are a defect in the abdominal wall. The danger is when the defect becomes large enough that a piece of colon can get strangulated and blood supply would be cut off, essentially causing the bowel to die. That's emergent surgery. Some ways to help the hernia is: 1) make sure you're not straining while having bowel movements. If your BMs are typically hard, try some stool softeners and be sure to stay well hydrated. 2) avoid heavy lifting that could cause further strain on the hernia point 3) work on overall fitness, strengthening your back in particular 4) loose any excess weight you may be carrying. Hope that helps. I'm happy to answer any further questions or elaborate on anything mentioned. Good luck.

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