How do you know if you are going through psychosis? -

How do you know if you are going through psychosis?

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Sabina Maez
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I agree with Zoe Hofeller. It's important to reach out to a trusted Health Care provider to connect with and explain what and how you are feeling. Times are intense right now. We all need support and someone to talk to.

Zoe Hofeller
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When you are in conflict with what is going on around you. 1.This can happen when having a spiritual awakening, 2. any type of abuse can lead to dissociation and other symptoms, 3.when thinking of something you aren't physically doing(not being present), 4.not being interested[people can have interests but when nothing interests you or something that did doesn't/ nothing can interest you, ITS Serious] 5. or unable to focus on something you deem important, 6. spiritual attachment 7. negative interference, 8. denial of something-> death, breakup divorce, betrayal, rejection, traumatic event, addiction, there are other triggers like abandonment. These are some triggers, only you know what you are thinking about, what applies and that something isn't right. Reaching out to a trusted Health Care provider that you are guided to is recommended.

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One of the first signs of psychosis is feeling overstimulated by sounds, sights, and feelings. Most sensory information (taste, sight, sound, touch) is larger than life. Feelings are larger than life. You also may experience different types of hallucinations.
Individuals do need to recognize, though, that if you're using recreational drugs, you'll most likely go into psychosis. Before getting a diagnosis, you need to stop using...

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