How do you know you might be dealing with a boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, sibling, parent, child, or boss who is a narcissist? -

How do you know you might be dealing with a boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, sibling, parent, child, or boss who is a narcissist?

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Terry Von
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There are many signs of a true narcissist. The three most prominent ones are a lack of empathy, a sense of entitlement, and interpersonally exploitative behavior. If you have been shown time and time again that someone is incapable of putting themselves in your shoes, that they feel like deserve to be treated like royalty while everyone else deserves to be treated like dirt, and that they will do whatever it takes to get what they want, regardless of who gets hurt in the process, chances are, you are dealing with a narcissist. Also, a narcissist will often employ what is known as splitting, or taking responsibility for everything that is good or positive while blaming everything that is bad or negative on you. Other signs are an attitude of superiority, need for control, lack of responsibility, lack of boundaries, and an exaggerated need for attention.

Dr. Rebecca Sanders, DC RYT(500)
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When you feel like you might be dealing with something....... you are! Your Intuition is always true and real. When and what was that single moment in time when you denied the truth that this person is a narcissist? That truth is built into your intuition in quick fleeting moments. From there.... when was the first moment you started denying the truth? When did you start denying truths? Did it start with your family? friends? How can you learn to forgive yourself from denying yourself. because You are the truth, your intuition is you, and it is the truth. Find forgiveness in yourself and find the fire to move forward.

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If you suspect you are having conflict for no reason, you might be dealing with a difficult person or even a true NPD 'Narcissistic Personality Disorder' abuse. There are many you-tube resources that will help you identify a narc and how to best deal with them. Don't let them think you are unworthy, don't enable them, or become co-dependent if you aren't already.

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