How long does it take to heal from a hysterectomy? -

How long does it take to heal from a hysterectomy?

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Gabriele Schlumpberger

It depends... With energy therapy it heals normally very fast. If you are interested please contact me.

Lauri Germain
Heilkunst homeopathy works like a time machine, by clearing the most recent trauma in your life, then working backwards in time.

Homeopathy (specifically the Heilkunst system, as it treats the sequential traumatic timeline) can energetically remove the shock and trauma of surgery so that you will heal much quicker. For testimonials and more information, my website is Wishing you well!

Carolina Gutierrez
I approach each patient as a whole person, always listen to their particular necessities, pain, and complaints. The first visit with each patient includes a detailed, thoroughly evaluation.

Physiologically it will take 6-8 weeks, but a hysterectomy among any other surgeries in women has extensive consequences. It is a physical and emotionally trauma.
If you need any help healing from your surgery you may want to check the myofascial release practitioners in your area. Myofascial release is a very effective resource to heal physical and emotional trauma. The practitioners are listed in the myofascial release directory, you can just google a myofascial release practitioner in your city. My website is

Angela Mari
I make a point of only giving true recommendations based on my own clinical & personal experience.

It depends...

Laparoscopic procedures may result in as little as two-week recovery times, while larger-incision procedures can extend the recovery to upwards of 8 weeks.

In both cases, pre- & post-op nutrition support can greatly improve your healing journey, so reach out to your practitioner to discuss your care plan.

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