I have a friend that has a cyst on her ovary. It's been a common theme for the last few years, they seem to come and go. The last one was 3.5 cm. Does anyone know of any holistic remedies, therapies or practitioners who can help with this?

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Dr. Paul Finucan D C
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I use the CRA ovary cyst protocol and have seen great success.

Angela Coulter
There are many types of sacred “trinities” interspersed throughout our Multiverse.

A friend of mine worked through this with her 20-year-old daughter with the same issues. She has successfully used these supplements (the frequency and severity of the cysts has subsided substantially): Calcium D-Glucarate (Source Naturals) and DIM-plus (Nature's Way).

Mark Wisniewski
Whole body dentistry awareness.

Iodine supplementation.

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