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I just received a sensitivity panel that was done by submitting a hair sample. I have several heavy metals listed on them, one of which was lead. I did a blood test and it is within normal levels but I would feel more comfortable reducing any toxic load to my body. What is a gentle way of doing so?

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Kerri Lake
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If you have access to a Far Infrared Sauna, the light is a wonderful catalyst for the body to purge heavy metals. You can begin with just 15 minute sessions a day and increase to 45 minute sessions, if you wish.

As your body feels and responds to the light, you can talk with your cells. Your awareness with your cells as your friends and allies provides another level of nourishment. As the metals leave, you begin to occupy your cells with your life force where the metals once were. This is energetic work, energetic self-healing. "Hello cells. Release now what no longer serves. Take up the water and nutrients you require for optimal wellness. Show me what else you require."

Water, of course, is necessary! Drink plenty - just a bit more than you think you'd like to.

Along with some of the other suggestions, the IR sauna is amazing support, and feels really good!

The energetic work, actually occupying your body, is part of your innate abilities. This kind of communication is at the core of self-love and will always lead to living with an open heart. The body always responds to that love.

Are you tired of a bandaid approach to your health? Those approaches mask the symptoms without solving the root cause. Let me help you find the answer to true wellness.

With clients, I use either homeopathic formulations, or herbal tinctures and capsules along with a cleansing diet, making sure that bowel function and kidney filtering are functioning optimally.

Chris Cosby CHC, EP, PBP, LMBT
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I too had heavy metal toxicity, one of which was lead as well. My naturopathic doctor helped me to detox my body of the lead. I suggest finding a ND who works with homeopathic supplements and tinctures.

Carl Anderson
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I would find a naturopath who uses gemmotherapy or embryonic plant extracts. They are remarkable for metal detoxification. They are more effective than adult plant extracts, because they contain a multitude of phytochemical, hormones, and embryonic plant stem cells.

Rosanne Lindsay, Naturopath, herbalist
Naturopath, herbalist

Herbal tinctures for liver and kidneys, extracted in alcohol or alcohol-free tinctures, is a gentle way to go, along with eating healing foods and herbs for remineralization. Metals deplete minerals. Most people are metal-toxic today due to air, water, and food contamination.

Lauri Germain
Heilkunst homeopathy works like a time machine, by clearing the most recent trauma in your life, then working backwards in time.

I suggest taking homeopathic remedies in low potencies as a gentle way of detoxing. The remedies can gently draw out heavy metals and other toxins. Staying hydrated and eating enough fiber is also important to help body to detox what the remedies treated.

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