I'm considering using a wake light to help my body wake up naturally. What are your thoughts on wake up lights? - Heal.me

I'm considering using a wake light to help my body wake up naturally. What are your thoughts on wake up lights?

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Arturo Mendoza
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Hi! As with most health related topics it depends on the context. As a useful guideline it would be great to know your chronotype, this will determine pretty much the best time to do everything according to your own biology. There´s a great and simple test to get you started by Dr. Michael Breus www.thepowerofwhenquiz.com

His book is also outstanding and full of great information. Additionally I would recommend a morning and nightly routine. It is important to adjust your schedule to your life and your needs while supporting your health as well. Make sure to limit artificial light sources at night to improve your quality of sleep. Meditation is also a great tool with plenty of proven benefits.

Hope you find this one useful!

Tristan Summerfield, MA, CFNP
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The sun is your best wake up light! Check out the amazing study below on how exposure to sunlight in the morning can increase dopamine levels, enhance mood, and increase motivation! Light devices can be useful in some scenarios but nothing compares to our local star! Even if it is cloudy in the morning light will still be coming through. Make sure not to look at the sun directly and remove contacts or glasses to let the full light spectrum enter your eyes.


Dr. Julia St. Clair, NMD
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Hi, Cody. Are you thinking about this instead of using an alarm clock? Or is this more of coffee replacement when you say "wake up naturally." Either way, if you can use a wake up light, and then get into the early morning sun, this could be a great way to support your wake/sleep cycle, but also get your energy going for the day. Your circadian rhythm also loves routine, so if you create a routine of getting the right amount of sleep, as well as going to bed around the same time and waking around the same time, this would help with fostering your desire to wake naturally.

Physician Assistant

It would be preferable to switch to a normal sleep/wake cycle. Why do you think you need the lights?

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