Just found out I'm allergic to almond, peanut, sesame, sunflower seed, walnut and wheat!

Just found out, via an IgG Food Antibody blood test, I'm allergic to almond, peanut, sesame, sunflower seed, walnut, rice and wheat (but not gluten, go figure), and to a lesser degree, lemon, chicken, eggs, and banana. My question is, any ideas on bread recipes I can make? I wasn't tested for coconut, which I eat a lot of, or chia or flax, and I'm very low on oat and pecan. Rye came up with a 0, but I don't know if that because I didn't eat it before the test or I'm really not sensitive to it. I'm now looking for a more comprehensive test to see if I am in fact allergic to coconut, chia, flax, ACV, cherry, and brussel sprouts. Thanks for your ideas! Step

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Dr. Yafi Yair
Spiritual explorer and teacher

Edgar Cayce recommended a tablespoon of Glycothymoline (watered down) three times a day to alkalinize the body to lessen allergic reactions. I know it's quite unconventional, but Cayce's remedies has worked wonders for decades for many people. If you decide to give it a shot, make sure you buy the original Glycothymoline (yes, it's a mouthwash) and take it for several days before trying to introduce any allergens to your body. Best of luck! Keep me posted on your success!

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