My pituitary gland has not been functioning, I do not have a thyroid. My endocrinologist lowered my levothyroxine to jump start my pituitary gland. I am feeling lethargic always and anxious at times. Is this normal and how long generally speaking will it take the pituitary gland to get back to normal. Thanks -

My pituitary gland has not been functioning, I do not have a thyroid. My endocrinologist lowered my levothyroxine to jump start my pituitary gland. I am feeling lethargic always and anxious at times. Is this normal and how long generally speaking will it take the pituitary gland to get back to normal. Thanks

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Have you read "The Microbiome Diet" by Raphael Kellman? Check it out. I just started doing the reset myself a few days ago. Essentially the microbiome is bacteria that lives in our body that tells the hormones what to do. It controls many many many functions in our body! It turns the switch to diseases on or off. The reset starts off with starving the "bad bacteria" by removing all "trigger foods" (such as dairy, grains, legumes -except lentils and chickpeas, sugar, peanuts, gluten, soy, any artificial ingredients. This is to eliminate the "bad bacteria" while feeding the good bacteria what they need to be the dominant in the body to assist you in weight loss, dopamine, seratonin, rev up the metabolism, getting quality sleep, clarity of thought, etc. It is a fascinating book.

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Hello dherauf,

Why do you think it's not functioning? You can close your eyes, breathe and ask your body, what is going on, breathe and wait for an inspired thought/idea/answer to enter your life. Get in the habit of asking each day and trusting you will receive an answer that is best for your highest good. Be mindful and follow your inner guidance when helpful people offer you suggestions. Our bodies, the intelligent cells that makeup who we are, are always responding to our thoughts and feelings through an energy wave. This flow of energy from God is life-giving and will respond to you, every time you ask.

I chose Reiki because it allows me to channel this Divine energy, not my own energy, to the client so they receive exactly what their Spirit and God know they need at that time for their healing and highest good. Life is a beautiful dance so when we get out of balance, I do too, we just let go, learn from it, appreciate our journey and the opportunities we have to learn and grow.

I would be honored to provide healing Reiki treatments at your request.

Peace to you,

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Your pituitary gland is your master gland and, like the canary in the coal mine, it is responding to other imbalances that are present throughout your body. It cannot be "jump-started" either medically or energetically without first identifying and correcting the many imbalances that have caused it to malfunction. Since everyone is different, we can't predict how long it will take to get it back to normal but the process must begin with locating the key imbalances in other glands, vertebrae, organs and tissues that are preventing it from doing its job. Only when they are all functioning correctly will they collectively send the appropriate signals to your pituitary that will allow it to begin functioning normally again. The Body Code is an excellent modality to accomplish this.

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Good question. Some people who are low thyroid take synthroid/levothyroxin for their thyroid replacement. However about 20% of the poplulation do not convert the nonactive form of T4 to the active form that your body actually uses, T3. Armour thyroid is a brand that is comprised of both T4 and T3. I highly recommend Dr Aviva Romms book, The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution where she goes into the care of our thyroid and our tired adrenals. She started out as an herbalist, then graduated as a Yale trained MD. She specializes in womens health and primarily uses nutrition and herbs to treat her clients. She has excellent recommendations on managing the whole adrenal-thyroid-pituitary axis.

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Your pituitary gland is the “homeostasis” of the body. There can be several types of imbalances within the body that is altering its functioning properly. Removing the symptoms you are having and checking on exactly what your body needs is important. You may need an herb or essential oil to help aide your body in recovering from all that is going on. Eating a diet rich in high vibrational foods for your blood type is important also. There are natural hormones that could aide in your recovery also. Muscle testing for your body so you are getting the correct one the first time. God Bless

Larry Mangel
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You may find Dr. Claudia Welsh's book, "Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life", helpful

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To introduce to you the means of addressing the Hormonal imbalance, I share with you this article from a dear friend, Charan. Using the Emotion Code and Body Code technique, I have seen none to less medication, and balance created. Through Kinesiology and asking the right questions, holding the intention to be guided to the core cause of this imbalance, we can find the solution, release, and know what--if any--additional therapy or nutritionals are needed to solve the problem and create balance.

Sharon Shores
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Every person is different. It also depends on what is going on in your body and your general health and it is also impacted by nutrition and stress levels. Emotions stored in the body can impact the body greatly. If you would like to know more please visit my website or send me a private message.

Gabriele Schlumpberger

I would say that this is different for each and every person. I know that you can get your pituitary gland/ whole hormone system balanced again with energy medicine by finding out the underlying causes and roots, by balancing your whole Energybody, Energycenters and Energy Channels. if you would like to know more, please send me a private message.

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