What are some more holistic perspectives for a hemangioma on a newborn baby?

I'd prefer to be as non-invasive as possible, or maybe just leave it alone? Is there a reason one that is not affecting organ function needs to be treated at all? Thank you!

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Lauri Germain
Heilkunst homeopathy works like a time machine, by clearing the most recent trauma in your life, then working backwards in time.

Homeopathy can help!

Danielle Camastra

Unless it's obtrusive or impinging - typically they resolve on their own. I honestly haven't researched much about it. However, my son had one after a somewhat traumatic birth and it resolved on it's own within a year. You can always try some form of energy healing (ie: Reiki) as that may help unblock any energy trapped. Good luck!

Marcia McCollum Hebrank, MSW, ATP, AI, CACR

Thankfully they tend to be benign. My daughter had a small one on her back at birth, and it was gone by the time she was 3. My granddaughter had one as well on the side of her head, under her hair, and this too disappeared by the time she was 2 or 3. Some tend to feel these can be carryovers from a prior lifetime.

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