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What are your thoughts on dehydrated bone broth powder?

I've noticed a lot more bone broth powders available, and it's obviously convenient to consume, but I'm wondering what the cons of bone broth powder might be. Thanks!

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Cristina Isabel Wood
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I agree with Jake Edward Brooks. Its all about the source. It seems like a great idea along with the convenience factor but if there are fillers in there to preserve it along with other ingredients that you can't pronounce, its not worth it.

Dr. Edith Nuñez Baza DAOM, L.Ac.
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Hi Eric, no cons come to mind really! We could probably all agree that consuming powdered bone broth isn't superior to making your own fresh bone broth from organic/pasture raised local bones. This said, i'm of the mindset that the best bone broth for you is the one you'll actually consume. For some people making their own isn't feasible, the smell or taste isn't desirable and buying it pre-made is too costly. For these individuals having the option to get good quality bone broth powders is excellent. And now with all the flavors available we can keep the fun in feeding our bodies super nutritious bone broth on a more regular basis : -)

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