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What are your thoughts on sun exposure?

Being in the sun is great in the summer and is needed to synthesize Vitamin D, specifically D3, but with the risks surrounding skin cancer and other dermatological pathologies, there needs to be a balance. This isn't even mentioning all the sports and exercise we can get in the sun at the beach, hiking, and the likes. So how do we find that balance and what does that balance look like?

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Amanda Shayle
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Always good to get some sunlight - particularly without sunglasses. Cleans the blood which passes through your eyes (yes all your blood) over 24 hours!

Linda Joy Stone, OMD, L.Ac.
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I love the sun and have sun-damaged skin of growing up in Southern Calif. to prove it. And now I live in the Sonoran Desert! I am more leery of SPF chemicals and blocking Vit D, though I do use SPF 30 if I'm going to have more than a half hour of direct sun exposure, e.g., hiking or swimming. I also use 15 SPF in my daily face cream and powder. I feel that we should not fear el sol nor hide from him, but use discretion. I believe we need the healing properties of the sun to activate our pineal glands and neurotransmitters.

Jennifer Crowley

Vitamin D from the sun is a health benefit but wear sunscreen all year long - minimum of SPF 30. Wear a hat whenever possible. With proper protection it is possible to enjoy the outdoors in any season.

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