What foods would you recommend for someone who struggles with low iron levels?

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Dr. Therese Walsh-Van Keuren
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Dandelion Greens, Mustard Greens

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I agree with Dr. Grace.
But when it comes to food source - definitely the food with the highest amount of iron will be liver and then oysters, organ meats and meat in general.
Animal source iron is the most bioavailable.
Plant source non-heme iron is poorly absorbed because plants contain compounds like phytic acid, oxalates, and certain polyphenols.
There are several ways to enhance iron absorption from your diet:
1. Combine with a source of vitamin C or other acidic ingredients (marinades, tomato sauce, etc)
2. Avoid eating calcium-rich foods at the same time with iron-rich foods since they compete in absorption.
3. Avoid antacids (they compete as well with iron absorption)
4. Consider cooking in cast iron pans, which can "fortify" your food.

While working on the diet part you will still need to discuss with a trained practitioner and find the root cause of your low iron level.

Are you tired of a bandaid approach to your health? Those approaches mask the symptoms without solving the root cause. Let me help you find the answer to true wellness.

It might also be helpful to know why your iron levels are low. Are you under a lot of stress? Do you have a heavy metal burden? Finding the cause would be best while supplementing with herbs like Kevin suggested.

Kevin Bennett
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dandelion and yellow dock herbs. I do muscle testing so I test the body what is needed and how much

Larry Mangel
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My clients have great success with FloraDix


Gregory Ashby
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I would agree the Joelene’s answer.
You can also put Black Strap Molasses
in Hot water for a good drink.

Joelene Lemke
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Hello. What a great questions. My son had trouble absorbing iron. What we discovered was that citrus helped his body absorb the iron. So we would eat iron rich foods with an orange, or lemon water (through a straw, it will save your teeth) I would make smoothies. Beet are my go to for Iron source along with spinach, broccoli and black strap molasses I will put in my muffins.

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