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What is an intuitive reading?

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Caroline Greene
I bring a holistic approach to my sessions and meet you where you are in the present. I help you shed light on your past and illuminate your present to make empowered decisions in your future.

An intuitive session consists of an intuitive tapping into Source energy and/or your energy field to receive messages.

Now, every intuitive travels to different densities and dimensions based on their frequency. The way an intuitive poses a question is an absolute game changer when it comes to reading energy. There is not one place intuitives go to in the astral world.

The nature of your energetic field will affect the way I frame a question and travel to other densities. Meaning the more one is open, receptive and in a state of love, the more one will receive because the responses of questions have to meet your energetic rhythm too, hence why every reader and client has their own unique session.
My goal is to help you understand your past and present to make more empowered decisions in your future. I meet you where you are at and help you get on your highest and most fulfilling timeline!

If You're a Healer, I Can Help You Live Your Vision, Love Your Life, and Leave a Legacy. I offer a diverse array of services worldwide. Contact me for a complimentary clarity consultation.

An intuitive session involves you (whether in-person, on the phone, or online) and me. I drop into True Essence/Higher Self/Soul and connect with you via horizontal attunement: heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul, and then draw in vertical attunement and at-onement with Source, which is where the miracles happen! You and I co-create. We feel into Truth and Resonance, and trust Guidance. The information provided speaks of your life as a human at this time, the issues, concerns, and blocks you may experience as juxtaposed to your Soul's purpose. Guidance comes from the alchemical urn of creativity, Source, in the form of practical suggestions, energy clearing and healing, and consciousness and frequency upgrades.

Lisa Philyaw
You can do your work, your way, with soul. Learn to trust yourself and tap into your inner wisdom so you can fully show up in your work with confidence. I'm a Career and Life Coach, and I can help

I help my clients access their intuition. So for me, an intuitive reading is a guided process where my clients are tapping into their own intuition.

This makes me the Facilitator and the Client the one accessing and drawing from their intuition. In this way, you as the client are hearing your own inner wisdom and using it to guide you forward.

You know best for you, and sometimes we stop ourselves from hearing our own answers because we are blocked emotionally or mentally. We need to free ourselves from those limits so we can hear the wisdom beneath - this is our intuition, our soul, that is always there, always advising. We just don't always know how to hear it.

The beauty of my approach is it means anyone who is wanting to can access their intuition. The process differs from person to person, but it is a skill that you can cultivate.

Connecting with your intuition is a skill, which means you can deepen this connection through knowledge, practice, and feedback. By building this relationship with your intuition, you are becoming your own coach and your own guide. As a result, you won't feel the urge for validation from others as intensely as you may have in the past because you will be your own source of validation. This doesn't mean you don't ever want advice from others, but it does mean you know how to use that advice for you - based on what you are intuitively drawn to do - instead of feeling like you need to constantly seek input from others.

So if you are feeling called to this work and are wanting a deeper more consistent connection with your intuition, I'm here to help. You can schedule a free call with me and we can talk about your relationship with your intuition and how we can build that relationship as we work together in a coaching program. You can go to my profile at heal.me/beliefseed and click "Free Consultation" to schedule your free call today.

Dr. Rebecca Sanders, DC RYT(500)
I use muscle testing to find the root cause of your pain & dysfunction. Solutions include: chiropractic, deep tissue , reiki, dietary changes, emotional release, yoga therapy, herbs, and much more!

I use muscle testing to make listening to my intuition "easier". Whenever I have intuitive feelings they come from my heart space.. it expands when the subject is expansive and healing and contracts when the subject in detrimental and false. The same happens when I test a muscle.. the body expands becomes strong in the muscle, and contracts when something is off and not in balance.
If a client lists all their problems to me, I can search for the root cause and find the truth (intuition) with a wave of expansion in my body. Now I use charts to muscles test for supplements, herbs, oil, yoga therapy, reiki, acupressure... and so forth.

Tasha Love, C.Ht
I alleviate stress, break barriers and get you to where you want to be.

Intuitive readings mean different things to different people . Also, each reader has their own unique style and approach. Simply put, the intuitive readings that I provide are those of self -discovery and self-empowerment. My readings are intended to gain deeper insights into a better understanding of oneself and to empower their own inner-knowing. We are all intuitive.

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