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12 Reiki Practitioners in Tucson, AZ
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Linda Lisle Kelly

Energy Healer
1601 N Tucson Blvd, Bldg #29, Tucson AZ 85716, United States Tucson
5.0 (5 reviews)
"“When I was expecting, I researched and read so many books to educate myself … & the more I read the personal experiences, the more fearful I became! I, personally, noticed that nearly every birth story I came across was a horror story, the experiences of these women had every cell in my body cringing at the thought of variables … Not knowing what to expect as a first-time mother … & I recognized my fear was incredibility deep. I had to stop reading all the books … & I began looking for an outlet to release my fears.” “I discovered Cori Nielsen’s Sacred Childbirth with Reiki sessions & was guided to experience it for myself! During the sessions, I felt my body waking up to its innate wisdom & experienced massive memories of fear melting away through the guidance of Cori. After the sessions, I left so blissed out, lighter, & clearer.” “During my actual labor, my birth team told me that they could hardly tell I was in labor & I attributed that power in me to the wisdom gained in Cori’s sessions. I actually heard Cori in my head randomly through my labor repeating some of the forgotten knowledge of what we are truly capable of … That my body knows how to birth this baby naturally **without pain!!** ~ That I relax all the muscles except those pushing out my baby ~ etc.!!! I specifically remember reaching an edge where I didn’t think I could take it anymore (because my head tried taking over) and yet I heard Cori telling me I would receive a flood of endorphins to allow my body to endure this experience … and consciously felt the endorphins flood my body!!” “The sessions are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced … Hypnobirthing mixed with Reiki healing?! That’s the best way I can explain it!” “You hear stories of women laboring for days, pushing for hours … and that was not my experience! I pushed maybe for 10 minutes ~ my baby was breech!” “I am thankful I was able to release my fears and get out of the way to allow the extreme intelligence of the birthing body to take charge.” “Highly recommend Sacred Childbirth with Reiki for expecting mommas or practitioners interested in expanding their practice. I cannot thank you enough, Cori.”"

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