Many people think you can’t eat healthy on the cheap. I say that’s not true. Yes, organic food is unfortunately more expensive, but you can get around that. When people say eating healthy is too expensive, I suggest if you are eating healthy for years instead of the processed and convenient foods, maybe you will spend less money on doctor / medical expenses in the future. You need to be thinking long term though and not instant gratification or relief. Your hard work will pay off! I feel there are many ways to eat healthy on a budget. Here are a few of them. 1. Grow your own vegetables. That way you can control what goes on them. The dirt they are grown in and the type of water used to feed them. You can even do this in an apartment if you have an outside patio or a room with good sunlight. You don’t have to grow everything, just a couple of the most expensive vegetables or ones you eat most often. 2. Go for quality not quantity. If you eat high quality protein and get enough healthy fats in your diet, you will stay satisfied longer and not need to snack and eat excess food. When you eat all the processed meats like hot dogs and things with a lot of fillers and toxic ingredients, your body doesn’t get satisfied with the nutrients it needs to provide you with energy to keep going. It’s also puts your body out of balance so it craves the opposite and you end up eating more. You will save a lot on your grocery bill if you don’t need to buy all those sugary or caffeinated food and drinks to satisfy your cravings. 3. Share a cow. Buy in “bulk”. If you have freezer space and/or someone to share a full animal with, you could purchase a whole cow or different animal and have left overs for future meals instead of buying them in parts and paying more. 4. Make basic meals. Eating healthy doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money. Get a whole turkey or chicken and then cut up some broccoli or green beans and steam them or sauté with olive oil and sea salt and you have an easy healthy meal. You can take a pound of ground meat with a few spices and feed a family of three or four. If there is only one or two of you, great, stick the other patties in the freezer for another meal. Bake a few zucchini and carrots in the oven with them and sprinkle olive oil and sea salt on them and you have a meal. 5. Buy things on sale. If you eat wild caught fish or packets of tuna, stock up when they are on sale and freeze them. Produce goes on sale also. My coop has discount bins of items that need to be eaten right away. Be creative and come up with a new dish including those items that are on sale. You may even try some new produce and like it. You could also get some packaged staples from someplace like Their prices are always less than the stores and if you order over $50 it’s free shipping. Be careful not to get sucked into buying the “healthy snacks and treats” though. Stick to the oils, nut butters, canned beans, spices, etc. You can also try Sam’s Club or Costco.