Today is Earth Day, a day to show Mother Earth some extra love. 

It is easy to take Mother Earth for granted. She is always here for us, no matter what we do to her!

Try these 3 easy and fun ways to show Mother Earth some love.

1. Take care of your mama.

There are many ways to take care of Mama Earth.

  1. Recycle and compost.
  2. Walk instead of drive.
  3. Use reusable cups and utensils.
  4. Pick up your trash, and other people's trash if you see it!
  5. Say no to using a straw, the ocean life will thank you!
  6. Be thoughtful of water use.


2. Spend time with your mama.

Enjoying time in nature has many benefits.

  • Aside from fresh air and sunshine, many people feel spiritually fulfilled while spending time in nature.
  • Being present is enhanced by noticing your senses as they are activated by nature.
    • Listen to the sounds of nature
    • Smell the flowers and earth scents
    • Feel the earth under your feet, ideally barefoot in the dirt!!
    • Watch animals play, birds catch a draft, bees buzz, hummingbirds hum....nature is full of small bursts of activity.

3. Connect with your mama.

Grounding refers to connecting with the energy of the Earth.

Energy is all around us all the time, affecting us in both positive and negative ways.

Energy from the Earth is available to each of us all the time. 

To connect with Earth energy, follow these steps.

  1. Sit quietly with your eyes closed and your feet flat on the ground.
  2. Now imagine energy flowing up from the Earth into your feet.
  3. Let that energy flow up your legs, into your root (first) chakra
  4. Feel the calm strength of Earth energy provide you with a sense of wellbeing and safety.


As a Health Coach, I focus on helping people discover and maintain life balance.

Connecting with the Mother Earth helps in many ways:

Your self love will increase.

  • When you show love and compassion to another living thing, whether it is a person, animal or Mother Earth, you will start being more compassionate and loving to yourself.


Spending time in nature will improve your life.

  • Spending time in nature is known to improve depression, and not only from an infusion of Vitamin D from the sunshine. 
  • Connecting with nature provides a feeling of community and many people connect with others through nature.
  • Playing in the dirt will provide your body with necessary bacteria to keep your gut functioning properly.


Grounding is a well known practice that can improve anxiety.

  • Connecting to the energy of the Earth is a known way to release negativity and borrow the calm strength of Earth energy.

You can practice showing your love to Mother Earth any time. So, give your mama some extra love today and carry this through the year. Mother Earth does a lot for us and she will appreciate your attention and care.