Funny story (at least to me) - when my daughters were small and we would go on walks, they were so busy and absorbed with the activity (or talking) that they never looked around or paid attention to their environment. Typical for children. But often on our walks, I would come across a random coin in the road and I would pick it up and show it to them with excitement of what I had found. My girls would get so frustrated each time I found something of value and would complain that they "never" found anything... (well, we know why....) and that started our ritual of finding "junk money" when we would go on walks.

Junk money consisted of miscellaneous treasures such as discarded bottle caps, lost washer rings, nuts, bolts or any other random piece of metal they could find. I coerced my little girls into believing that these things were important because first of all, they had to have been purchased by someone and then had been lost, and now they had found the item. Second, that everything has value even if you don't recognize it at the time and.... lastly, if you never look, you will never see - so pay attention to what is around you because it could be very important someday.

OK. So I admit I might have been a little manipulative and self-serving in how I administered my teaching - because I didn't really want to deal with the boo-hooing, feeling sorry for myself childish tantrums. (Oh.. did I just type that out loud?) But, the lesson is true nonetheless. The seemingly smallest of things can actually hold great importance at the right time and situation.

Friends and family, you may or may not know that I have been on my own personal walk for a while, learning about the subconscious mind and its incredible power. The scripture "I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works; and that my soul knows very well (Psalm 139:14)" has never had more meaning to me than now with what I have been learning.

My study about the subconscious mind has been fascinating and I have also been learning about how hypnosis can be an effective means to address the negative behaviors we have recorded in our subconscious - our stumbling blocks. With that, I have launched a Facebook page I want to encourage you to check out - Hypnosis Transforms Me. This page consists of messages of encouragement, information about hypnosis, and affirmations that remind us that… life is sweet.

Now, I recognize that hypnosis may seem "out there" to some of you, but I assure you it is a natural phenomenon that you experience regularly, you just don't recognize it as such. It’s actually science-based - not a craft, and hypnosis a powerful approach for therapy support. For now, though, just please check out my page and if you like what you see, comment on it and/or share it. Our world today needs more positive messaging, and this is my way of doing my part.

Junk money is real - if it means something to you. Just ask my girls. But if you never look.. you will never find... and to remain blind to the blessings around you... that would just be a shame. Thanks for reading.