Being an empowered parent doesn't come easy in today's world. It takes practice and dedication to knowing the value of being empowered and parenting our children to be empowered. It also takes having support and being surrounded by people who continue to inspire and encourage parents to stay the course. Times they are a changing and the children who are coming into the world today are asking for something different. They are asking that parents be their true nature of being so that the children can be true to their unique way of being. The children are asking that we be in more allowance of differences and acknowledge that the difference that each person expresses is exactly what the world needs to thrive. When we stop judging, expecting and concluding what has to be and be in the allowance of creating some different, the world stops being the same story over and over again, until it tells itself out of existence. Children today would like to have a future to be in this world and to create it to be an amazing place for all. What do parents today need to parent today's children? They need first of all to Be who they truly be; not who they think they should be or who their parents were or who their parents weren't. They need to acknowledge what their role as parent is and how that will allow the children to grow into beings that bring more joy, ease and life to our planet, however that may be. Parents come in all forms sizes, shapes and configurations. They include bio-parents, adoptive and foster parents, same sex parents, kinship parents,- anyone who chooses to care for a child to raise them to grow and flourish by providing support, guidance and encouragement. To do this, parents need to get out of the box and view being a parent as an opportunity for self growth, life expansion and even life changing transformation by being willing to BE all that you truly be. This is the reason BE YOU Parenting was created. To offer insights, tools and discoveries into the adventure of BEing you. Through this process, it is vital that parents make it a priority to surround themselves with support and commit to the practice that Being You involves. This support can take on different forms and with today's world of technology it isn't that difficult to get hooked up with a group, a coach, a friend, a program, and resources. What are you doing to receive the support you need to BE more of you that will make a difference in your life and the life of your child? Simple Strategies for Family Living offers classes, coaching, materials and support for those parents who strive to BE all they can TRULY be. Find out more at