Do most acupuncturists also do Hijama cupping therapy? -

Do most acupuncturists also do Hijama cupping therapy?

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Pamela Wake, Master Certified Health Coach
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There are many different ways to perform the modalities that Acupuncturists use. Traditional Fire Cupping is often not allowed in a medical office or space that an Acupuncturist is using to see clients. So, often times cupping using a pumping device is used. All forms of cupping create great micro-circulation in the tissue and muscles being cupped, and provide great results for pain, congestion and mobility. You would have to contact Acupuncturists in your area and ask them what type of cupping they do.

Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine Doctor

I have not heard the term Hijama, but after a quick search I believe it refers to "wet cupping," or cupping combined with blood letting. Most acupuncturists do not perform this type of cupping, but as Tina said there are no hard statistics. I have been trained in this technique but rarely perform it. Regular cupping without the bleeding portion is something many acupuncturists do and is much more common.

Tina BQ Tran
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Hello Jennifer,
Although there is no actual statistic to answer this question, based on my personal knowledge of 5 different acupuncturists, I'd say No.

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