Has anyone been told that the mercury fillings in their teeth could be the cause of various health issues? Has anyone had those fillings removed and then experienced improved health?

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Yes, mercury fillings can cause heavy metal toxicity and contribute to many health concerns. Most of my patients have experienced significant improvement in their overall health once they've had them removed. We use a very specific protocol when removing the mercury so as to keep the patient and staff safe.

Dr. Paul Finucan D C
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Yes I have 14 fillings removed and it definitely improved my health.

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I used to have a lot of mercury fillings which, were old and leaching into my body. I was trying to have a baby at the time when I discovered this. I wasn't able to hold the pregnancies and so I had 7 of the 10 removed. Shortly after I did that, I had my son :) I think if the fillings are old like mine were, and you have a lot of them, they could potentially cause some harm.

Donna Vincent, NLC, Pn1

I had my mercury all removed over 25 years ago. I did not notice a change in my health because I was not having health problems, I was already clean eating and working out. I'm glad that I had them removed when I did -- before any potential health issues.

Mark Wisniewski
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When mercury fillings are removed be sure to use a SMART certified dentist. I have tons of stories...people come to me everyday for this service.

Rosa Glenn Reilly

I had mercury fillings removed 20 years ago. At the time I was very healthy (still am) except for osteoarthritis which was getting worse rapidly. I didn't know what to expect from the removal of the fillings but the idea that mercury could be slowly leaking into my body made sense. In the following 2 years I was amazed to witness the progression of the osteoarthritis slowing down to a crawl. I am grateful I took that step and suspect there have been other advantages I can't see.

Jany Sabins

I was twice found to have high levels of mercury. My holistic physician recommended eating smaller fish (the big ones have higher mercury levels) and removal of the silver fillings, and I did so. I did not notice a change, probably because I am otherwise extremely healthy, but I am glad that I undertook the procedure.

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