Hi I'm Cornell I found you guys on the internet well I'm really going through some changes dealing with them dark forces I have a negative attached entity on me it even goes deeper I really need some help

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Dr. Rebecca Sanders, DC RYT(500)
I use muscle testing to find the root cause of your pain & dysfunction. Solutions include: chiropractic, deep tissue , reiki, dietary changes, emotional release, yoga therapy, herbs, and much more!

From my experience , negative entities are attracted to us when we are stuck in a low vibration somewhere in our body. This is good news because that means it is time for an upgrade. You now can release an unconscious emotion, that has you stuck in a physical and mental pattern that is no longer serving you. I will help you recognize the dark force for what it is, and help you transmute to a positive force. It is simpler than you think!

Hi, my name is Stacy. I'm a weird and funny Yogi. I don't take life very seriously, and neither should you. Find your emotional freedom.

Hey Cornell, I can help you. You can text me at 823-581-0151. I need to know a little bit more about what you're dealing with. Make sure in the text you let me know that you are Cornell. I normally don't answer texts or phone calls that I don't know. If you see this today, go ahead and start texting.

If you are looking for someone to really listen and help you through some of life's toughest times, I am here for you, Body-Soul-Spirit. Ear Seeds, oils, breathing techniques, more

How do you know you have an entity attached to you? Have you engaged in any activities that would have invited this? This is not judgement just questions. Have you read about spiritual warfare?

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