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I'll be moving to Toronto to start Medical School at the CCNM. Any recommendations for an aspiring Naturopathic Doctor?

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Dr. Krista Imre

Remember to get outside and play, and meditate, and eat well but don't be strict with yourself. Sleep is important! If you don't get something the first time, that is OK- it will come again in a new way that maybe makes more sense.

Dr. Heather Overland


Focus on the foundational sciences. While you may be excited to start learning about natural therapeutics and get to clinic, having an excellent and thorough understanding of the human body and the science of how it works is the most important tool to help your future patients.

As a medical student, you have the unique privilege to study in-depth about the physiologic processes that comprise human experience, health and illness. Most (non-doctor) people barely have the opportunity to learn the "what" of their own bodies, let alone the "how."

While the rigors of Naturopathic Medical school are likely some of the most difficult experiences you will have had to date, remember that you are there to become the best possible physician for your future patients, then do so!

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