My daughter has multiple chemical sensitivity. We're looking for a practitioner that can help relieve her suffering -

My daughter has multiple chemical sensitivity. We're looking for a practitioner that can help relieve her suffering

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Lauri Germain
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Hello. I would treat your daughter for the underlying causes of her chemical sensitivity, such as an inherited chronic miasm (virus) and any emotional triggers such as fear. I also strongly advise the importance of treating her traumatic timeline, starting with clearing the most recent trauma in her life, then working backwards in time to homeopathically clear other shocks and traumas. For more information on the Heilkunst system of homeopathy, my website:

Tasi Jensen
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There are lots of possible causes and influences here. A number of questions come to mind in terms of locating the root problem.
How old is your daughter?
What is her history?... childhood?... trauma?... diet?... birth process?... antibiotics?... dreams/ nightmares?...
What is her current diet like?
What was your diet like during your pregnancy? What was your environment like during your pregnancy?
What chemicals is she sensitive to? What reaction does she have to those chemicals?
Does she have any skin disorders or rashes? Does she have bronchitis or any lung issues?

The bottom line... if your daughter is invested in her healing and motivated in following guidance and instruction for her well-being...
I am open and willing for facilitating her healing, comfort, and well-being.

Whatever direction you take, I wish you and her the best.
Chemical sensitivity and consistent physical discomfort is an unfortunate condition. May she find support and relief.
All the blessed-

Noel D Aldrich
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A review of diet and whole food intake is a great starting point.

Chemical sensitivities can also have strong neural roots that make it challenging to resolve. A therapy that our clinic has seen positive results using has been Low Level Laser Therapy from Biolight Technologies. We have used this therapy for 10 years and seen quality improvements for multiple allergies. You can Google Biolight Technologies to find a practitioner near you, or you can contact me for more information.

Suzanne Sweeney
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Hi, A good place to start is with a functional medicine doctor, naturopath, and/or a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner (FDN-P). I am the latter and can help identify the cause your daughter's sensitivity by asking questions and running lab tests as chemical sensitivity can have various causes. Changes to diet and lifestyle often offer a degree of relief as will a protocol based on the underlying cause determined by testing. I'm happy to help or you can look for a practitioner in your area.

Candace Foster
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I always start with the gut. All disease begins in the gut. If you're digestive system is not working properly, it can and will cause many issues elsewhere in the body.

Removing any unnatural substances from her diet and her environment will be of great help to her. Organic foods and lifestyle products are always best.

CQA Wellness
We live in a time where the way we heal the human body is changing.. DR OZ had it right the future of healthcare is Quantum healing.

you do not want her to be less sensitive to the chemicals. you want to stop introducing the chemicals to her. people are becoming more sensitive as these chemicals are bad for humans. This is the cause of cancer is toxins and anger energy. remove them and it goes away. The people that cannot tolerate chemicals and certain foods that are laden with chemicals are more in tune with their bodies.

Restoring energy and harmony to your system

I have experience working with complex patients, several of whom have multiple chemical sensitivity. I have learned that in many cases, the person suffers from a condition called biotoxin illness, also known as CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome), which can be caused by exposure to neurotoxins, like the kind occurring in Lyme disease or co-infections, or the mycotoxins released by mold. This is a complicated issue, and requires a multifaceted approach, where the underlying factors can be identified and addressed. If mold is involved, it is important to get the proper testing of the home and to test the body for mold toxins, which can be done with urine testing. There are also labs that can be done to get a sense of the inflammatory load the person is carrying. Usually it requires the help of a functional or integrative medicine doctor, because traditional doctors are not familiar with these issues. If there is history of a tick bite, you will need to find a Lyme-literate doctor. Often, the people that are most sensitive to these issues have a genetic profile that makes it difficult for them to detoxify the toxins released by these pathogens, so they need help to boost their systems to handle these issues. You can try the following databases if you can't find someone in this forum: (this site has many helpful links to begin to understand these issues)

International Lyme and Associated Diseases Association

Reducing exposure to wifi electromagnetic fields, like from the computer or phone, is also helpful for people with multiple chemical sensitivity because pathogens from Lyme and mold get more virulent when exposed to wifi. You can learn more and order protective cell phone chips and usb sticks from this site:

I hope this will be helpful. I would also add that craniosacral therapy can also be helpful, because it can help calm the nervous system, but I think these other underlying issues also need to be addressed. Let me know if you need more information.

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Addressing these issues holistically will help to relieve your daughter's sensitivity. This suffering may even make it go away completely. Many times emotional and energetic imbalances are an, if not 'the', underlying cause to this type of suffering. Releasing the emotional and energetic components allow healing to take place, instead of blocking and making things worse. The DNA may be a great place to look, as there may be inherited distortions in the DNA, just like we may inherit our looks or certain mannerisms. DNA distortions may also come from traumatic events in life.

If this resonates with you, and you'd like to learn how I can assist you, I can be reached at 1.808.639.9221 | [email protected] |

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Betsy Lambert
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It sounds like she may have multiple organ and glandular energetic imbalances that are not allowing them to function properly. This means that she has trapped negative emotions—many of which are inherited—that are blocking her energetic pathways and keeping certain organs and glands from receiving what they need for optimal function. The Body Code can identify these subconscious blockages and get rid of them remotely. You are invited to contact me for a free consultation to learn more about what I may be able to offer your daughter.

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