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Lymphatic Drainage

What are some signs I could benefit from a lymphatic drainage therapy?

i was reading about the lympahtic system and I had no idea its so intertwined with all of my other health systems. ive never payed attention to it so im wondering what i could do to improve it

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Indeed, your Lymphatic System aka internal "invisible shower", is sadly neglected in anatomy lessons and in general medicine. That is due to the disappearance within 4 hours of death, of the many teeny capillaries that are pathways of lymphatic fluid, transporting immune components into and throughout the body's tissue and carrying wastes and toxins out. Since most medical studies are on cadavers, we only "see" the larger ducts, nodes and lymphoid tissue of this very complex and permeating system, which includes over 850 lymph nodes, several large ducts, as well as the recently discovered Lymphatic Meningeal Vessel, which is the foundation of the glymphatic system, which is cleansing the brain during sleep. WHAT CAN WE DO TO HELP IT MOBILIZE? The best way to affect its natural process, is to replicate the oceanic rhythm of any Body of Water, and use pulsing, gentle, stretching circles, which begins to open the pathways in between the fascial layers. Scars, adhesions, tight garments, will all IMPEDE the movement of lymph fluid. If you have old injuries, surgeries, or odd swelling, congestion, puffiness, in any part of your body, that indicates STAGNANT LYMPH. If it is extreme, it can be lymphedema, which needs ongoing medical treatment. If it is moderate, or comes & goes, as in indigestion gas, bloating, headaches, fibromyalgia, MS, CFS, lyme, or other inflammatory disorders, LYMPH MASSAGE CAN DEFINITELY HELP! Please see my free video demos all about self-care for your lymph and immune system - Youtube.com/marcijavril

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Hi Cassandra, I am answering as a massage therapist. I have performed simple lymphatic drainage massage on clients who are post-operative where there is residual swelling in the lower legs (presents in the ankles). This is very gentle massage (just moving the tissue below the skin) and moving up the leg in a pattern with half circle motions to the upper thigh lymph nodes . Having the legs elevated slightly above the heart can help move the excess lymph fluid with the massage. It is helpful to have a therapist gently urge the fluid, but there are self -care methods as well. There are contraindications such as congestive heart failure (additional strain on heart) and pain. Also, post-surgery pain could be indicative of (a) blood clot(s). So, immediate ultra sound is critical. Redness (or streaks) in the area could also be indicative of infection.

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Hi Cassandra, Yes, the lymphatic system is not a well known or fully appreciated systems of the body, but it is involved in so many things! One of the classic signs is chronic, even low grade, swelling in the ankles (or even one ankle). Another one is chronic sinus pressure. But it could also be more subtle things like a general feeling of sluggishness. There are some really good videos on youtube by a massage therapist (massagebyheather.com) that show you how to do self lymph drainage.

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Yes, you right - The Lymphatic system is a critical system within our bodies. It carries the pathogens, toxins and metabolic debris out of the body via sweat and urine. It helps carry the immune cells to their required site when faced with an attack. Diet and efficient digestion, hydration to maintain lymph and blood viscosity, exercise to stimulate sweat & drainage, detox therapies, Near Infrared sauna therapy, Lymphatic massages, Specific Essential oils to help stimulate the lymph flow will go a long way in keeping you healthy and ensuring an efficient lymphatic system.

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