Why are so many healthy-minded people reluctant to use their own hands for healing touch and massage therapy? - Heal.me
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Why are so many healthy-minded people reluctant to use their own hands for healing touch and massage therapy?

4 Answers

Dr. Rebecca Sanders, DC RYT(500)
I use muscle testing to find the root cause of your pain & dysfunction. Solutions include: chiropractic, deep tissue , reiki, dietary changes, emotional release, yoga therapy, herbs, and much more!

We are meant to be relational in this world. The world is built upon relationships. Think about it, you have a relationship with your food, your body, your family, your home, your routines. We constantly build and transform all types of relationships. It is important to have a healthy relationship with your own body, for sure. But we would not be able to exist alone, and need therapy in all forms from other people, on all levels so that we may add to our own creative soul.

Hello, I am a Reiki Master and Spiritual Energy Healer. Discerning energy vibrations to help heal, balance & promote soul awakening. Willing and able to help people world wide!

Marci, I have heard many lightworks/healers say "I only give, never receive." I tell my clients to ask this question to healers all the time, "Do you have work done as well?" And if the answer is no, I tell my clients to run! Some lightworkers/healers are working from their Ego mind instead of being a channel of Divine Energy. We all are evolving and changing that being said we all need "work" done. I have had Reiki Clients not go on to the next level of Reiki because it is too painful. Healing is work and there are many layers that need to be balanced. Sometimes the pain is too much, and I am not talking about physical, it's emotional. People will stop when it is too painful. I myself lay hands on all the time to heal, de-cord and balance the energy within myself and around me. In order to evolve, one must heal to the core. Painful as it is, the more healers heal themselves, the faster this planet would heal as well!

Giving your wellness journey a boost with healing hands. Healing Touch, Energy Medicine and HeartMath are integrated into everything we do. From supporting Cancer patients to everyday stress.

As a Healing Touch Practitioner, a few thoughts come to mind. Primarily, they may not be aware of the power of their hands, especially if there are not exposed to this type of modality. Having a basic understanding of how biofield therapies work can go a long way to promote self healing. As a practitioner, I will teach my clients a technique or two that they can use on their own to creating less or no dependency on a practitioner. We all have the power, perhaps they just need someone to show them the way!

Specializing in lymph massage & self-care, I offer inperson & virtual sessions customized to your health needs. Immunity, post-op, pain, inflammation, digestion, sleep. Yoga, Massage, Breath, Movement

Who here is doing their own healing massage for themselves, on their own head, belly, legs, hands, feet, etc, who here is practicing self-care? CONGRATS to you all! And if you are not, then, why not?! I'm very curious.

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