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How can I get over my cold quickly?

I caught a cold right in the middle of summer and I feel blehhh. I want to kick this bug, or at least reduce the symptoms. What do you recommend?

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Jill Ellen Smith, L.AC, M.AC, Dipl.Ac., NCCAOM, RN, MSN
I have effectively treated anxiety, sleep disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, depression, skin disorders, fibromyalgia, menopausaL.

I agree with all of the above....and I would recommend JuicePlus as well. I know of no other way to support your immune system. I have so many patients come in for acupuncture treatment who have a cold, are getting over the flu, coming down with the flu....and I never catch anything. I've been on JuicePlus for 10 years now, and I feel bullet proof!

David & Abigail Gonzales
doTERRA’s mission from the beginning was to share therapeutic-grade essential oils with the world.

We use essential oils (Clove, Oregano, Lemon, Melaleuca, wild orange, etc.), vast amounts of water and vitamin C, Sleep.

For a lifetime of massage healthcare, LEARN MASSAGE FOR YOUR FAMILY. And receive Massage Therapy with us.

Alkalize with apple cider vinegar or lemon, rest, rest, rest

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