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Does vaping dry cannabis flower have a negative health impact?

The theory that I've repeatedly heard is that vaping flower does not have negative effects because it is heating the flower creating 'vapor', whereas burning flower produces smoke which has an impact on the lungs. However, it seems that the 'vapor' produced from vaping is still smoke, but just in a significantly smaller volume than if burnt? I would love feedback from any health professional familiar with the issue. Thanks!

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Christian A. Gonzalez LMT

The only true medically effective way to consume marijuana is sublingually. Other wise it doesn't pass the blood brain barrier. THC may have hormonal consequences in that it stimulates the opposite effect based on your gender. Males produce more estrogen and in Females it tends to do the opposite stimulating the testosterone hormone. you usually look for a full spectrum sublingual thats a minimum of 1to2 ratio THC to CBD. taking on average 10ml to every 5kg of weight. When you get down to the financial aspect of it. It can be quite a pricy treatment protocol as you can imagine.

Lynn M. Cameron

It is my understanding that studies have shown the full physiological benefit of cannabis is obtained by ingesting a fat/oil into which the active components have been rendered. Several studies have shown that the cbd component acts in concert with the thc to produce therapeutic action through complementary pathways .

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