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Any holistic therapies for asthma?

I have had asthma since I was a kid and inhalers work fine i guess but I wish there was something else I could do.

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Geri Winters

Sometimes a change in diet can be helpful. Asthma is a kind of inflammatory reaction, so things that trigger inflammation in your body can trigger asthma. Some possibilities of things you can do to help your asthma include:

Reduce stress
Get good sleep
Try a food elimination diet such as the Auto-Immune Protocol to see if you have a food trigger
Use an air purifier especially in the bedroom if air quality is poor where you live

Hope one of the suggestions in this thread helps.

Danuza Aquino, LFT, LMT,
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Respiratory problems have roots in early development and the suppression of our "life force". It could have been caused by an error in attachment (or to put it simply, fear that nobody cares for us or that our lives would end somehow if we do not get what we need). I believe you need to take a holistic approach to treating it. I agree with Patty that you need a good practitioner to help with that.

Patty Polhemus
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Hi Savetheday, Homeopathic treatment from a classical homeopath will find the cause for this asthma and address it at the beginning, looking to see what happened as a child that brought on these symptoms. Often times the beginning of asthma was a skin rash that was suppressed as a child. I just wrote an article about suppression and asthma. If you search Asthma, Respiratory health again my article should come up. I hope this will help.

David & Abigail Gonzales
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Wim Hof seems to be useful and trending. If you're into essential oils, I would recommend a blend called Breathe. Fantastic for respiratory supported.
Wim Hof:
Breathe Blend:

Sandi Tindal
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Hi! Check out the Buyteko Breathing Method. There's quite a bit of information that shows up when you type that phrase in a search engine. :)

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