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What can I do to stop being a mouth breather at night?

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David & Abigail Gonzales
doTERRA’s mission from the beginning was to share therapeutic-grade essential oils with the world.

If it's a problem of your airways not being open, in addition to what was already recommended, I would consider using an essential oil blend called Breathe:

Sandi Tindal
Learn how to develop a relationship with your breath

Hi Dr. Eugene! One simple thing to try is to place paper medical tape over the mouth before going to bed at night. I learned this idea from Robin Rothenberg who is a yoga therapist who investigated the Buyteko breathing method and presented a very informative webinar about healthy respiration. I learned from the webinar how maintaining a certain level of CO2 actually helps support the process of oxygenation and mouth breathing is detrimental to regulating that level of CO2. Here's a link to the presentation if you're interested: https://essentialyogatherapy.com/events/2017/3/20/pranayama-redefined-breathing-less-to-live-more

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