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How can I get rid of the bags under my eyes?

Especially in the morning, I have pretty prominent bags under my eyes. What can I do to either prevent this and/or remedy this?

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Sara Schultz, CPC, ELI-MP, EDIT Certified
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It is important to note that although liver function and adrenal function can cause darker or puffier under eye area... a lot of under eye darkness is actually genetic. Skincare companies often “invent” flaws to fix, one of those being the under eye area. If your parents have them, or you’ve had them for a long time, I recommend working with your relationship to them.

Minal Rajan, NTP
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Adrenal insufficiency, liver and kidney congestion can lead to puffy eyes and dark circles under your eyes. Support these functions dietarily along with maintaining a healthy sleep regime -- like shutting off technology, meditation. Look into allergies -- both to foods and environmental that could be taxing your organs, making it difficult to detox and affecting your quality of sleep.

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Black tea bags after use you can put them on for 10 min.

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