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What can I do to improve my eyesight?

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Minal Rajan, NTP
BETTER FOOD, BETTER MOOD We'll help you connect the dots.

Feeding your body the nutrients that support eye health and ensuring your digestion is optimal to breakdown and assimilate those nutrients. Beta-Carotene (from fresh vegetables ), Anti-Oxidants (from Berries and fruits) and Essential Fatty Acids - specially MCT oil are all known and well researched for their role in promoting eye health

Sheila Meggison, LMT
CranioSacral Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master

There are reflexology points on the bottoms of your second and third toes between the first knuckle joint and where the toe connects to your foot. Massage this area for about 15 seconds, twice a day. While massaging the points, set your intention to improving your eyesight. The combination of reflexology and biofeedback is amazing.

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