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Looking for help with recurring eye styes -- for the past 2 years. Repeated infections despite antibiotics, topical ointments, drops and extremely diligent eye hygiene. What could be the root cause and what has helped you or your clients?

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Brenda Hardwick
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I have a client I helped with this. He was using something at work that he had to look through by placing his eye against a surface, like a camera or a microscope, and so did others. I suggested he carry a solution of Young Living Thieves cleaner in his pocket to wipe down any surface he had to look through. With that, and some healing energy and something from his medical doctor, his eye has been clear for several months.

Mariah Day Wannberg

In the past when I got a sty I washed my eye with a warm water raw honey mixture. You don’t want the water to be too warm as it can affect the antibacterial properties of the honey. As one of the other responders mentioned, melaleuca is wonderful and you can often find honey with that infused into it. Be sure to switch out all makeup products frequently and of course, use all new after having a sty. The honey mixture also works for pink eye. Stress and inflammation are a huge factor, so reduce caffeine, sugar (all things that turn to sugar like highly processed food), red meat, alcohol and dairy products. Bringing down the stress level on your immune (medicine) system will help your body combat these recurrent infections not only in the eyes but throughout the body. Wishing you good luck with your healing journey!

Tina D'Amore

From the shamanic point of view, eye styes could be a manifestation of what is typically seen as intrusions, or energy that is either not yours or isn't serving you. An extraction ceremony may alleviate the issue.

David & Abigail Gonzales
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Hello. If you're into trying essential oils, I would consider trying Melaleuca, patchouli, Frankincense, or Myrrh essential oil topically. Rub around the eye to support the body while dealing with the matter.
Melaleuca essential oil:

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Colloidal silver applied right into the eye works great.Make sure it’s a low dose of parts per million. Works like a charm every time, styles gone in one day or less

Dr. Paul Finucan D C
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Use Derma 180 by Mirorcore clean styes with the Derma 180 every day/

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