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What are some good "rules of thumb" to get better sleep?

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Well being is experiential, not abstract. Awareness Through Movement allows you to outsmart pain and experience the pleasure of your body being all connected.

What is your sleep hygiene?
1. Turn off your electronics (no screen time) 2 hours before bedtime.
2. No caffeine after noon. Caffeine stays in your body 18 hours.
3. Spend time outdoors during the day. Get melatonin naturally.
4. Dim your lights before bedtime. Try Lulling Movements and Guided Natural Breathing® and you may fall asleep.

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Angela Knappenberger
I offer sleep training plans for any age. As you can imagine, the newborn sleep plan is far different from the toddler sleep plan.

Consistency is key! It is so simple but yet so hard all at the same time. Be sure to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. Be sure you are getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night. If you are feeling extra tired its better to go to bed earlier than it is to sleep in late. Be sure that you are sleeping in a very, very dark room. A sleep mask is preferable. White noise can be soothing and help one fall asleep. Be sure to only use your bed for sleep and intimacy.

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