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I started meditating almost everyday recently, and noticed that on the days that I meditate in the morning I’m more relaxed and productive. I’m wondering what other mindfulness practices you do that have a similar effect?

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Using my skills in mindfulness, trauma resolution and understanding of the nervous system, I create unique trauma informed educational classes to increase your self-regulation, joy and resilience.

I teach a wide variety of mindfulness practices, emphasizing somatic or body awareness. There is a wonderful, informal practice called STOP - 1) Stop what you are doing 2) Take a breath 3) Observe something - a body sensation, a sound, an object in your environment, an emotion or thought - just notice, no need to get rid of it, or judge it 4) Proceed with what you were doing. It's a great practice to "pause and refresh' yourself during the day. I have many such practices recorded at:

Emily Perlman, LCPC, BCB, SMC-C
I use a combination of psychotherapy and biofeedback which allows me to help people regulate their emotions both mentally and physically.

Find ways to be mindful throughout the day. We all have 'pockets of time' during the day, for instance when we waiting on the grocery store line, or sitting at a traffic light. Use those times to take a few slow, gentle belly breaths to re-set our bodies and take us into the present moment.

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher

1. Pay attention to my breath - breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth. Sometimes I add a short phrase from the Unified Chakra invocation: "I breathe in Light through the center of my heart, opening my heart Into a beautiful ball of Light, allowing myself to expand.

2. Saying 'Thank You' with every step that I take. This keeps my mind on the good things in my life.

3. I love to chant - it brings me to bliss! Chanting focuses the mind, and the words in the chant are created from sounds that uplift our energy vibrations. The Gayatri mantra is beautiful, easy to learn can be done in only a few minutes and is said to be one of the most powerful mantras - it guides the chanter out of difficulties and brings her or him to life happiness. My teacher Sri Amma Karunamayi says that when we chant the Gayatri 10 times a day, our lives will change. This has been true for me.

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