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Will I fall asleep during hypnotherapy?

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Usually, the client does not fall asleep. But if the client goes a little deeper and does fall asleep, it's just for a very short time and not deep. Also the work we do involves talking (suggestions and affirmations etc) and even answering back which brings the client right out of the sleep state.

Sandy Hawke, CCHT
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Not as long as your hypnotherapist maintains a strong rapport with you, and helps establish the right level of relaxation throughout the process. That said, most Reiki clients fall asleep during sessions. :)

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Usually not, however many of my clients have had insomnia issues.They are so sleep deprived that when they get into the deep level of relaxation they naturally drift into sleep. I schedule sessions so there is no pressure so often those clients can get 5 to 20 minutes of uninterrupted sleep at the end of the session.

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