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Brain Fog

environmental triggers of brain fog

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Susan Bare
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I think diet is the biggest factor that causes brain fog. However, other things contribute, for example, lack of rest, exercise, not enough water, breathing bad air and of course what you are thinking. These are all part of the B.E.S.T. I do, known as the 6 essentials.

Candace Foster
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Brain fog can be caused by many different triggers. Environmentally, you could be dealing with poor indoor air at home or work. Is there mold, chemicals, scented candles, cleaners, etc around you.

How is your diet. Removing any processed foods and sugar is very important. You're likely to see a huge difference in 2 weeks.

Rev. Susan Bischak, CCT, CNC
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Apart from what is mentioned below, most people do not consider the environment created by our wireless technology. Body aches and pains, heart rhythm issues, cellular stress, and brain function issues are common side effects. These invisible waves moving 24/7 though our environment are affecting everyone and your brain fog may be one of the symptoms you are aware of. You can find peer-reviewed research on PubMed.com by typing relevant search terms like Wi-Fi health hazards, etc. I can send you a power-point document on this issue if you want to know more.

Christian Taylor
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If you are getting enough sleep (which would be my first question), then I would recommend avoiding sugar, alcohol and refined carbohydrates which can affect healthy brain function, leading to "brain fog". Make sure that you are staying hydrated and practicing deep breathing (this is a way we detox also). If you were my client, we would also consider gut health, medication use, supplementation, stress management techniques and your diet. You can reach me at www.ChristianKloberdanz.com

Erika Davey
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Improving the balance of gut bacteria can often improve brain fog, as the gut-brain axis connection improves. Amare Global is a supplement company focused on mental wellness and has a product that is 3 parts: prebiotic/probiotic powder plus immune support and brain support and has been shown to improve many symptoms including brain fog. Please respond to this message for more information!

Ashley Hendrickson

Mold toxicity. I would look into reducing overall inflammation. Take diet into account, as well as gut health.

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