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What are some techniques to get over brain fog?

I have really bad brain fog in the morning. I think I have some adrenal issues, which could be causing it. Any recommendations?

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Yes would definitely eliminate sugar, gluten, diary and soy. In addition get evaluated for heavy metal toxicity. And most important be sure you are getting adequate deep and REM sleep. The brian's lymphatic system(glymphatics) detoxifies the brain while we are sleeping.

I like to call myself a wellness magician ;) I combine my certifications in Hypnotherapy, Nutrition, and Life Coaching to help people optimize their minds and bodies. My specialty is helping clear blockages, whether it’s related to health & how the body is treated, or emotional blockages that prevent people from living their best lives. Some of my other specialties include boosting confidence, reducing anxiety, improving digestion (since the health of the gut affects our emotional wellbeing as well), and weight loss.

Yes, getting some aerobic exercise in the am, whether that's running or even dancing & doing jumping jacks, followed by a shower, can help clear brain fog. As far as what to avoid, sugar has already been mentioned, but I'd add gluten to the list of things that can contribute a lot to brain fog. With that, comes alcohol since so many alcohols are wheat-based. Also, all alcohols have sugars, causing a spike in insulin which impairs brain function over time. This article may be helpful: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/04/06/sugar-brain-mental-health_n_6904778.html

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Energy work and movement.
Also watching what you are filling your body and mind with. If you are investing toxins whether through food and drink or through relationships, it will have an effect. Going to the source of the issue can expand the results you are looking for!

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More omegas/fatty acids especially 3. Hemp Oil Flax Seeds or oil. Gratitude meditation Before and after a good night's sleep. In addition to the advice on sugar, stimulants and medication. Gone

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