I am curious how often you treat yourself to a massage or other self care? - Heal.me
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I am curious how often you treat yourself to a massage or other self care?

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Specializing in lymph massage & self-care, I offer inperson & virtual sessions customized to your health needs. Immunity, post-op, pain, inflammation, digestion, sleep. Yoga, Massage, Breath, Movement

I'm all about self-care! As a trained dancer and massage therapist, I am doing massage therapy for myself all the time, which prevents injuries, speeds recovery, and keeps me in touch with my health. I advocate as many self-care habits as possible, for a rich life, full of vitality! and wrote a book about it - FEEL LIKE YOURSELF AGAIN - how to heal and recover from injury, surgery & illness - self -renewal methods to increase circulation. #SelfCareisFirst

David A. Chernati, L.M.T.
We want you to experience less pain, increase your range of movement, and help you feel rejuvenated after each treatment, class, or workshop

I prefer to trade massage massages with other professionals at least one or two times per month. My preferred modalities include Nuad Thai, Neuromuscular, or Myofascial Massage although I like to try new modalities from time to time.

As for other types of self-care, I try to move my body as much as possible. Currently, I practice Acroyoga at least 3-4 times per week for a minimum of two hours per session with other forms of strength training. Weather permitting, I rock climb outdoors. As much a possible I try to cook for myself using fresh ingredients and a variety of colors.

A good philosophy that I have adopted from Ayurveda is "Moderation and Balance." If I feel that I have been in excess in an area of life, I will try to find balance. If I feel that I am lacking in an area, I try to find balance.

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