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How do I know if tension in my back is due to the fascia?

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Dr. Jessica Klain PT, DPT
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Fascia is everywhere in the body and is typically effected in some capacity with any sort of pain, tension, or injury. Fascia pain can be described as "burning" when you try to skin roll (pinch & roll the skin through your fingers).

Fascia tightness/tension is usually the result of something else going on. Treating the fascia can be helpful in reducing the tension, but ideally the underlying cause is also addressed (ie instability, disc pain, facet joint pain, nerve root irritation, etc.). Back pain can be complex as there are so many structures that can cause pain (joints, muscle, disc, nerves, fascia, SI joint) and can greatly impact quality of life. Looking at the big picture of the pain generator is essential to not only address current pain but also set yourself up for success to avoid future episodes of pain.

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