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Whats a good chair for low back support?

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Dr. Jessica Klain PT, DPT
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The best chair for low back support is one that fits you well. I recommend buying a chair that has the most adjustment spots possible so you can adapt it to your body.

The ideal position for your spine is:
1. The seat is low enough so your feet are flat on the ground
2. Knees should be at 90deg
3. Hips should be at 90deg
4. Your back should be flat against the back of the chair
5. If you want a mild back support, use a cushion like the one described below, or a small towel roll
6. Your elbows should be able to rest on the arms without leaning forward or shrugging your shoulders up. The keyboard should be positioned so you can easily type.
7. Your computer screen should be 1-2 inches below eye level. Avoid jutting your chin out or squinting at the screen.

These are starting recommendations, adjust as needed to help you find the most comfortable, sustainable position. Even when you find this ideal position, I generally recommend people standing/walking around every hour for at least a couple of minutes. Even with the best sitting posture, sitting causes compression through the spine.

Lori Knox Nunnally
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Right now Walgreens carries some netted fabric /Wire framed arch support for low back. They cost less than $10. You can place them in your car or any chair that you sit in and they help alleviate pressure and encourage proper arch in lumbar back. They also carry a thicker padded lumbar support cushion for 19.99.

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