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Do different massage therapists specialize in different conditions?

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David A. Chernati, L.M.T.
We want you to experience less pain, increase your range of movement, and help you feel rejuvenated after each treatment, class, or workshop

I believe the short answer is a loose yes. There are many specialties within the world of massage therapy such as Neuromuscular massage, Lymphatic massage, Craniosacral, Chi Nei Tsang, Somatic Therapy, Nuad Thai, etc.

The longer answer is it depends. Not all people with the same credentials will be able to help in the same way. Just because someone has more years of experience does not necessarily mean they are more advanced in their practice.

The easiest way for one to find someone that specializes in any condition is to ask the therapist directly. If they do not work with a specific condition, they may be able to point you to another who does.

Amy Leithliter, LMT
Sanctuary Healing Arts offers postpartum doula care as well as massage therapy for women and their wee ones in Boulder County, Colorado

It depends on the therapist, but most specialize in some aspect of massage, be it a technique or a condition. Through learning in classes or through our clients we all start to gather tools and tricks. I personally specialize in prenatal & postpartum massage as well as Maya Abdominal Therapy, but I also know a lot about releasing tension around the neck, shoulders & low back. Each client is a learning opportunity.

Shane Johnson
The purpose of sacred temple Lomi is to bring alignment back to the individual’s body, mind, and spirit.

I would say it depends on what kind of pain your in and what your preference is when it comes to massage. there are many different modalities... for instance one person might be tense and get deep tissue and hate it, while another person might just be stressed and they love the deep tissue. I personally practice Sacred Temple Lomi Lomi Massage and teach it to many who want to expand their credentials. In Lomi we practice a more fluid motion using coconut oil and full body strokes while also implementing full arm s and elbows and hands... I treat people of all ages and with different body ailments and love to see them smile when they off the table in full relaxation.

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