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How do you look & feel?

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I help clients achieve their best health by reversing chronic health conditions, activating healing and learning how to thrive by natural laws. Achieve improvements beyond your expectations. Experience healing and have lifelong health while walking with the limitless power of Christ.

I feel incredible, enjoying all the activities I love without aches, pains, injuries, or energy deficits. When people ask me how I achieve this, I always emphasize living in alignment with God's intended way of life. I started on my health journey at 14 years old, focusing on diet and fitness, which evolved into a career as a holistic doctor. When people ask me how I look this young, I tell them it is by following natural laws and biblical principles, I guide my patients in reversing aging, healing their bodies, and attaining a level of strength, confidence, and love for Christ. Now, at 56, I feel rejuvenated and vibrant, proving that health is simple and transcends trendy "diets" and shortcuts. My goal for my patients is to live joyfully and independently until their last breath, following a rejuvenation lifestyle that's truly life-changing.

Yaseng Yann
Sticking to Health! Welcome to acupuncture, chiropractic, massage & naturopathy in one suite. Yaseng, dba SPH, offers these effective services: *acupuncture *thermal imaging *Lifewave patches

Great, in the company of kindred spirits. Very grateful for the abundance, beauty, and health within and without.

Felice Fontana

I feel great! In July, 2017, I will be 70 yrs. Everyone is astounded, and think I look like I'm in my '50's. I attribute healthy habits, eating organically grown veggies, herbs, and fruits to my foundational health condition. Over the years, I have not taken allopathic medicationshomeopathy, herbs, aromatherapy, massage, prayer, meditation, yoga, tai chi, pilates, ballet, and many other healthy modalities.

Dr. Paul Finucan D C
Our goal is to provide an integrated alternative approach focused on the health and well being of our patients.

I feel great! At 59 I have never had a vaccine , shot or medicine, 30 years ago was the one and only day I missed work in my life. Many of my patients were down and many in the hospital with pneumonia , I started a cough and some lung congestion so I had a chest X ray and was told I had pneumonia myself. I took the next day off , took all my immune support nutrition, had a good Chiropractic adjustment which I always do at the first sign of any illness and the next day I was back to work. Many people say the had no idea I am 59 they thought I was much younger. I am so blessed my father was an amazing healer not just a Doctor.

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