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I know that I should drink more water. In my case probably 90-100 oz. But I really struggle to drink enough when I’m not thirsty. Is this a sign of something? Does anyone have any good hacks to help them consume the desired amount of water?

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Phoebe Stewart, L.Ac, MTOM
I am a practitioner of Ancient Healing Arts such as acupuncture and herbalism. My goal is to bring awareness towards a balance-based approach to holistic healing.

Traditional Chinese Medicine views lack of thirst as a symptom that may indicate an underlying pathology of dampness or cold. One way to treat this is to take a short round of medicinal herbs in tea form. These herbs will help you to take in more liquids while treating the underlying cause of the imbalance that is causing a lack of thirst.

While you may be experiences a diminished thirst because of underlying symptoms like this, it may also be due to the quality of your water. You may want to try switching the water that you drink to spring water.

Try drinking your water room temperature. Sometimes adding electrolytes or lemon juice can encourage you to drink more water. I also recommend trying to drink out of a straw, as you may find that you drink more water than expected.

All the best on your healing journey!

Kara Short, CPT-NASM
Believe in yourself- You CAN do this. Let me help you take that first step.

One thing my nutrition clients do is drink a large glass of water right away in the morning when they get up and start their day. Then, you aren’t trying to get it all in at the end of the day! Work to add in your ounces a little at a time....over time.

Veena Haasl-Blilie, MA, CYT, CAE, CAP
Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Certified Ayurvedic Educator, Panchakarma Spec

How much fluid depends on where you live, your activity level, the season, you age, your general conditioning, and according to Ayurveda, your constitution. What is correct for one person, even in the same climate is not correct for another.

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