Is anyone doing any coaching work around the issues of aging? -

Is anyone doing any coaching work around the issues of aging?

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Dr. Kimberly LeHew
I help clients achieve their best health by reversing chronic health conditions, activating healing and learning how to thrive by natural laws. Achieve improvements beyond your expectations. Experience healing and have lifelong health while walking with the limitless power of Christ.

This is my area of expertise and how I live, assisting individuals in reversing aging, often shedding a decade in the process. I achieve this by implementing a method that allows the body to heal itself as intended by God. Our bodies possess an inherent intelligence that strives for optimal healing. When we live in harmony with natural laws and biblical principles, both body and mind naturally undergo a cycle of rejuvenation. Our bodies are designed for longevity, yet today, many succumb not to old age but to preventable and treatable chronic degenerative diseases. Through my four-month process, most individuals report feeling and appearing ten years younger. I advise against fad diets or gimmicks; instead, I rely on science, chemistry, and proven principles. This approach is not only repeatable but also yields consistent and remarkable results.

I help "Helper Women" prevent burn-out by teaching tools to have more time for themselves

What are your issues, if it is possible to name the one or the other in a public forum?

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