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What can I do to learn faster?

I feel like as I get older, learning gets more difficult. So what can I do to open my mind and absorb knowledge quicker and easier?

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Machelle Glassburn
The purpose of Hypnotherapy is to utilize the power of your mind in order to bring about profound changes in thoughts and behaviors.

I have several older clients come to me to help them with tests. I've used hypnosis to help them connect and open pathways that will allow them to retain and recall information much more easily. Our mind is a powerful thing and when we harness that power we can accomplish anything.

Phoebe MacRae
Brilliant Movement is an holistic approach to managing chronic pain and anxiety. When you move better, you feel better. When you move and feel better you live with ease and power!

Using the "9 Essentials for NeuroMovement®" will provide optimal conditions for a big upgrade in your brain and your learning. Start with a few. Combine them as you like!

1. Notice what you are doing already- feel what you are experiencing . Notice how you are sitting right now. How is your pelvis in relationship with your head?

2. Go Slowly (I know you want to go fast but trust me, your brain wants slow) so you can notice new things. When you know what you are doing you can go faster. If you go fast, you'll only do what you already know.

3. Go gently. Forcing anything will put your brain in survival mode. (I know we hear "no pain, no gain" as a solution to things but this is your brain you are dealing with!) The brain likes easeful information. Don't bite off too much at a time. get your brain in gear by being gentle at first so you can start to notice what you know and what you don't know. When you can notice differences in anything, you are more intelligent about that thing. Notice differences-Get intelligent!!

4. Don't slog away at one topic or activity. Bring some variety into your learning. Maybe one time you read a book about your subject and the next time you listen to a pod-cast about it while going for a walk. Maybe you read your book upside down!!

There are more Essentials but these ones will start to get your brain in gear!!

It is not too late. Your brain is designed to make new connections and learn your entire life. :)

Sandi Tindal
Learn how to develop a relationship with your breath

Hi! I'm with Dr. Cook on the relationship between physical activity, nutrition and brain health. Mindful movements such as those offered in yoga and meditation practices can also boost brain health. What aspect of learning do you feel gets difficult? Is it maintaining attention for long periods of time? Sometimes a learning experience can be improved through interaction with the material either by discussion with someone else or having some kind of kinesthetic connection to the ideas you are trying to absorb. Learning and absorbing new information is a process so be kind to yourself and learn how to enjoy that process.

Andrew Cook PT, DPT, CSCS, FDN
We Help Active Athletes and Active Adults, In The Lake Norman Area, Stay Pain Free While Doing What They Love

one of the best things you can do for the brain is to have some type of consistent exercise regiment, especially aerobic fitness (think biking/walking/swimming). Exercise directly effects the brain and releases different hormones/neurotransmitters that travel to the brain and act as "building blocks". You could also look at your nutrition. Highly processed foods can impact your thought process while healthy fats can be a brain booster. Another idea is to check out the Jim Kwik podcast, titled "Kwik Brain" where he gives tips and exercises to boost memory/focus/reading. They're short episodes, usually around 15-20 minutes.

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