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What are the benefits of counseling?

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Brooke Miller, MSW, LCSW, CPC
Psychotherapist & Coach

The benefits of counseling with someone you feel safe and comfortable with can be truly life-changing. In addition to the benefit of verbally unloading and processing whatever is on your mind, it is one relationship that is focused entirely on you -- your challenges, your strengths, your fears, your curiosities, your goals and anything else that shows up in session. Talking with a counselor/therapist is different than talking to a trusted friend or loved one because your counselor knows how to listen for patterns and help you sort through emotionally charged situations you can't see clearly because you are too close. In addition to receiving an objective viewpoint and learning new skills, counseling can bring relief through normalizing problems that we feel alone with, when in Truth are often very common.

Elizabeth Sherman
Ceritfied Life & Weight Loss Coach

There are lots of different types of counseling. Let’s start with the difference between therapy & coaching. As a life coach, I don’t diagnose or treat trauma or any other diagnosable problem. I don’t spend time with my clients figuring out where or how problems occur. So I spend little time in the past. I DO help my clients move forward, create awareness of how our thoughts about a circumstance or event colors our experience of it, and how we can learn to be less negative (which is totally normal) and learn how to manage our mind, and through that process, we can learn how to be happier & accomplish whatever it is that we desire.

We are a collective of healers who help people find clarity, balance & ease on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

The advantage of having a safe space to talk without judgment can be invaluable. In
our interactions with loved ones, it’s natural to filter our feelings or even feel regretful
about “unloading” negative thoughts. The help of a counselor to welcome your thoughts and help you work through challenges with compassion, integrity, and respect can provide remarkable mental and emotional clarity, among other benefits. When we have a strong foundation, we’re in a much better place to reach for our dreams and desires (self-actualization).

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