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What are the benefits of guided imagery?

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As a coach I help imballanced, stressed, and selfconscience individuals find new habits that support harmony, health, and happiness.

Guided imagery is form of focused relaxation or meditation. Some people have difficulty stopping/slowing a noisy mind or spiraling thoughts that lead to difficulty sleeping, anxiety, and stress. Guided imagery focuses on a positive and relaxing image that is intended to calm the listener down. The guide should be pulling all the listener's senses into the image for the best results so that the listener can almost feel they are a part of the image and they are fully focused on the image. The listener becomes so enveloped in the image that the previous disturbing/stressful thoughts are quieted.

Some practiced people can guide themselves to an image, but there are many options where you can buy or listen to guided imagery for free (ie youtube) if you need assistance.

Studies have shown that people who practiced guided imagery have decreased stress, anxiety, and even depression. The focused image can also take the mind off of pain and decrease stress that often triggers more pain (such as headaches). Those who have issues sleeping from a busy mind often become so focused on the peaceful image they find it easier to sleep.

Certified Hypnotherapist

Most of your mind doesn't understand language very well. It operates on the level of emotion (our physiological response to experience) and sensation. It faces the daunting task of prioritizing and reacting to a huge amount of information.

Guided imagery prompts the analytical mind to let the deeper mind come forward to express its needs and concerns. Often just taking the time to listen is beneficial; it is often hungry for attention, and appreciate the opportunity to slow down.

Once that trust has been established, guided imagery is a potent healing practice. In free-form imagery for mental wellness, you will have an actual dialog with the deeper mind, coming to understand its concerns and offering reassurance and inspiration to change. In directed imagery for medical care, in collaboration with your doctor, we can help your subconscious organize your physical resources for healing and restoration.

When considering work with a practitioner, ensure that they are drawing upon an integrated set of practices. Mental and physical wellness are often intertwined. Your therapist should know how to establish a foundation that branches down many paths.

Brian M. Truskowski
Personal Development Coach

For me, it's a safe and easy way to "trick" the mind into having experiences. It's been proven that if you "imagine" yourself taking a bite out of a lemon, your mouth may water or pucker.

With that, If you have had a traumatic experience or something you want to rewire in the brain, this is A way of doing that. I have experience offering this to clients with pretty amazing results. It's an empowering way for the client to take back control of their life.

Past Life is the past starting from this moment. We can do age-regression, finding childhood trauma and past life regression, finding out what happend to solve current issues.

Guided Imagery is a kind of taking your mind out off the pre-existing messy place, then bringing your mind to a peaceful and more desirable place. It shifts your perspective of life and changes your attitude toward certain issues.

Carl Rhoads, C.Ht.

Your subconscious is your home too imagination. As the great John Kappas said "Imagery is the way the brain, the mind, learns"

Cynthia Rowley
We create a safe, peaceful, and nurturing space for you to create positive change in your life. Either with Hypnosis, Reiki & meditation, Past Life Exploration, or Usui Reiki Certification Classes.

Setting the client up with a peaceful, calm, relaxing place where they can close their eyes and revisit allowing the peaceful feelings to come back at anytime. This is very helpful when a stressful situation comes up and gives the client a reset. With Guided Imagery clients are able to find their own answers within.

We are a collective of healers who help people find clarity, balance & ease on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Benefits range from feeling a deeper sense of peace, reviving that spark of childhood
imagination, creativity, and playfulness that often gets lost in adulthood, to supporting or strengthening inner health and wellness.

The positive impacts have been demonstrated by research as well, showing that guided imagery has the ability to lower anxiety and pain, speed up healing, reduce blood pressure, increase athletic mastery, and boost confidence. It’s also a wonderful
complementary treatment for those living with chronic illness. The practice can even
heighten our responsiveness to our own intuition and empathy.

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