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Jaw Pain

what could be a cure for my sore jaw?

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There are a variety of modalities that you could try. If it's related to spinal misalignment, chiropractic care could help.

Laney Marie, LMT
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A person can experience deeper relief combing energy healing and cranial sacral therapy.

When it comes to any type of oral issues, it seems to stem from deep seated emotions that we carry throughout out life time and from a lack of expressing ones trueself.

When the chakras open up and a person has an emotional release and with how the cranial sacral therapy works with the musculoskeletal system, the body is able to self heal/self correct.

Deanna M. Rasch MFA, EFTP, CST, CNT, MA-LIS
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I'll add craniosacral therapy to the list of options for effective relief from TMJ symptoms and misalignment issues. It is a great adjunct to dental work that may be necessary, as well.

Paty LeBaron
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Bone, Flesh & Cartilage Ointment is a wonderful option.

Carl Anderson
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I agree with the previous answers. However, I would also suggest that intra-oral massage may be helpful, especially if you are clenching or grinding your teeth. Intra-oral massage really helps relieve muscle tension in the jaw muscles so you would not even need a mouth guard. I have been doing intra-oral massage for years and clients are in disbelief at the results.

Dr. Clinton Orsini, DC
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As Kelly said, there could be a wide variety of sources. The atlas subluxation causes the muscles to pull abnormally producing jaw pain. This may also cause the jaw to misalign. An upper cervical chiropractor would be the one to fix this. Once the atlas is in the proper position, it may be necessary to find a TMJ dentist to find a proper mouth guard. There are more sources but these two can be more common than others.

Kelly Macdonald
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There are many possibilities, it depends on what is causing the soreness. If it is caused by stress, Bach Flowers will help ease the stress. If it is cause by an misalignment in the body, Cranial-sacral therapy or spinal alignment will help. You may have tight muscles pulling on it so getting those muscles to relax will help. There can be a tooth problem causing the soreness, that may need dental work.

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